Industrial Designs

Industrial designs have a particular strategic importance in Indonesia where limited substantive examination of applications means a vigilant approach to protecting industrial goods is required. We advise on filing, availability, and the resolution of disputes involving industrial design rights.

Registration will be granted for designs that comprise shapes, configurations, compositions of lines and/or colours, or a combination of same, in three-dimensional or two-dimensional forms that produce an aesthetic impression.
The Design Office considers prior art published anywhere in the world when assessing novelty of designs.
Multiple applications cannot be filed together.  Multiple designs that constitute a single design concept can be filed in one application.
Registration of an industrial design takes 24 to 30 months from filing, assuming no office actions or oppositions.  The Design Office performs a basic examination of scope protection of the applied design, and against registered designs for novelty.  The Design Office does not substantively examine designs unless an opposition is filed by a third party.
Registrations are valid for 10 years only, and cannot be renewed.
Documents required to support each design application are:
  1. Photos or drawings of the design (3 prints on A4 size paper);
  2. Power of Attorney (simply signed, no notarisation or legalisation necessary);
  3. Declaration of Ownership (simply signed, no notarisation or legalisation necessary);
  4. Assignment agreement for design right (if relevant);
  5. If priority is claimed, a certified copy of priority documents (to be submitted within 6 months of the first filing date abroad, translation required for documents in languages other than English); and
  6. Application form (prepared by SKC Law) including written description of the design for which protection is sought
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