Literary, artistic, dramatic, musical, photographic, cinematographic and architectural works, as well as computer programs, are all protected under Indonesian copyright law. We advise on all aspects of registration, clearance, and resolution of disputes involving copyrighted works.

Indonesia has an optional recordal system for copyrightable works – registration is not compulsory.  It is useful to obtain registration certificates as evidence of ownership for use in subsequent proceedings.
Registration of a work takes 12 to 18 months from filing.  The Copyright Office reviews applications to check administrative compliance only – no substantive examination is performed.
The term of protection of a copyrighted work in Indonesia varies depending on the type of work.  Terms range from 50 years to 50 years after death of the author.
Documents required to support each application are:
  1. Samples of the work (number of samples required varies depending on type of work).
  2. Power of Attorney (simply signed, no notarisation or legalisation necessary). 
  3. Declaration of Ownership (simply signed, no notarisation or legalisation necessary). 
  4. Assignment agremeent for work (if relevant).
  5. Application form (prepared by SKC Law).
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