Dispute Resolution

Resolving disputes in Indonesia is an art unto its own – cultural nuances and corruption issues present unique obstacles that require the advice of experienced attorneys.  Our expertise in this area, methodical and thorough approach to case preparation, and contacts with local authorities leave us uniquely placed to efficiently resolve all types of intellectual property disputes. We are particularly versed at litigation in the Commercial Court and Supreme Court, and criminal enforcement (raids) with police authorities. Our training in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes equips us to provide practical advice to our clients on cost-efficient options for resolving disputes in Indonesia.

Our dispute resolution services include:
  • negotiation;
  • mediation;
  • criminal enforcement; and
  • litigation.
Purnomo Suryomurcito, Nidya Kalangie, and Andrew Conduit are all registered mediators with PMN (Pusat Mediasi Nasional, National Mediation Center). Our interests-based approach to negotiation and mediation helps achieve outcomes that parties will commit to in the long term.
Litigation starts in the Commercial Court, which is a specialist Court that hears intellectual property and bankruptcy cases. A decision can be expected within six months of filing a Claim. Defended proceedings will usually involve ten or more hearings, and proceedings are conducted on papers, which allows a high degree of client control.
Criminal enforcement is a quick and effective tool for addressing infringement of intellectual property rights. Deliverables are negotiated undertakings, a public apology, and destruction of seized goods.
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